Цаган Седкл участвует в финансировании ежегодного буддийского мероприятия калмыков в Нью-Джерси

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~Nitsan Temple annual RABNE Re-Consecration Service~
~~~ All welcome: Sunday April 9 at 12:00 noon ~~~
~~~~~~ Our Venerable Telo Tulku Rinpoche ~~~~~~
(Dilowa Khutugktu,Shadjin Lama) joins in re-empowerment
~~of Nitsan Choephel Ling Temple and Sacred Objects ~~
~ (Bring your OWN altar sacred objects to be re-empowered)~
~ (or come at 11:00 am to paint own MANI STONE- bring stone)~
Each year since Nitsan temple was first consecrated in 1973, one of our families has sponsored the Rabne re-consecration prayer service. The sponsoring family offers to “daha” (carry) the cost of expenses of day (offerings for altar, monks, reception for sangha and congregation, etc). This year we are grateful to Dorje Chitlenov & family for their sponsorship and continued generous support.
Telo Tulku Rinpoche, our spiritual leader, explains that Rabne Prayer service is needed each year to re-consecrate/re-empower temple, the statues, images, malas and all other sacred items. This ensures their on-going EFFECTIVENESS for the good of all sentient beings. Through this re-consecration process, the temple images, thankas, malas, statues and other sacred objects are again made active and effective to continue to grant protection from harm and interference. They are re-energized (analogous to how battery is re-energized) to continue to provide blessings for a healthy, happy and prosperous life, and are empowered to fulfill wishes of sincere practitioners.
The word “rabne” translates to “firmly sealing” in Tibetan. At the beginning of the Rabne prayers, we invite the presence of all Buddhas and Highly Enlightened beings into the temple as we visualize precious offerings to them. Then we request that their wisdom and positive energy be absorbed into the temple and sacred religious objects (statues, images, malas, thankas, sacred objects, etc.). The prayers and meditations “seal” the wisdom and positive energy of enlightened beings in the sacred objects and temple. Throughout the year, on-going prayers & meditation are used to keep the energy active & alive to render them as sources of blessings, protection and prosperity.
You ‘re welcome to include your OWN religious objects, such as malas, tankas, statues, etc. to be re-consecrated during the Rabne ceremony.
~ Light lunch reception afterwards.
~ FOOD & DRINK donations for ~ 7 SANGHA are welcome.
~ Vegetarian & non-Vegetarian food please.
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Фото Nitsan Temple.
Фото Nitsan Temple.
Фото Nitsan Temple.

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